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Discover our hottest picks! Elevate your space with our trendiest prints, curated for contemporary vibes and endless inspiration.

Bundle Up!

Explore our dynamic duo collection! Pairing perfectly coordinated prints, these sets offer double the style and twice the impact for your space.

That Girl

Make your space pop with our "That Girl Prints". Aesthetic vibes, always!

Traditional Japanese

Discover the essence of Japandi style with our modern Japanese prints. Elevate your space with trendy designs inspired by Japanese artistry.

Dinner Party

Transform your kitchen and dining room with our stylish prints. Set the scene for memorable gatherings with our Dinner Party posters.

Cocktail Hour!

Raise the bar with our captivating cocktail and alcohol prints. Add a touch of sophistication to your space with our stylish designs.

Aura's & Affirmations

Elevate your space with our Aura, Angel numbers, and Affirmation prints. Infuse positivity and spiritual energy into your home with our captivating designs.

Zodiac Signs

Unlock the secrets of the stars with our captivating zodiac prints. Personalize your space and embrace cosmic energy with our celestial designs




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About Us

Welcome to EDGE Wall Art, where we specialise in modern Prints and Wallpapers designed to elevate your space with style and sophistication.
Discover our range of Modern, Funky & Vintage Prints. Buy any 2 prints for only $100 AUD + Free domestic shipping. 
We offer Pasted Wallpaper and Peel & Stick Wallpaper. Our Pasted Wallpaper is known for leaving a beautiful matte finish that is easy to apply with our paste. Just simply paste the wall instead of applying paste on the panels which makes it a mess-free and easy installation.  Peel & Stick Wallpaper that is reusable, self-adhesive, eco-friendly woven fabric that won’t stretch or tear.