Frequently Asked Questions

About EDGE Wall Art

What is EDGE Wall Art?

EDGE Wall Art is a DIY feature wall decor business that uses removable wallpapers that are eco-friendly and easy to install. With this, our vision is to supply our customers with stunning wall art.

We also specialise in modern and high-quality prints, that are customisable and available for any home styling.

EDGE Wall Art offers in Peel & Stick wallpaper and Pasted Wallpaper.

Is EDGE Wall Art an Australian business?
EDGE Wall Art is proud to say that we are an Australian business based on the Gold Coast with over 15 years of experience in the Signage and Graphic Design industry.
What is Peel & Stick Wallpaper?
Peel & Stick wallpaper is a eco-friendly, no-glue and woven wallpaper. The fabric is completely removable without damaging 99% of walls and can be moved dozens of times while installing, thus making it a great for rental homes, DIY projects and short-to-medium term install.

Simply put EDGE Wall Art is a high quality, removable, peel and stick wall fabric that is easy to install without the need of any glues that takes the world of wallpaper to a whole different level.

What is Pasted Wallpaper?
Our Pasted wallpaper is a non-woven, fire rated and durable fabric that is easy to apply with adhesive. Prep and Prime your wall and apply the adhesive (we recommend Superfresco Easy - ready mixed paste from Bunnings) on your wall and just simple press the Pasted Wallpaper onto it.

Because you paste the wall and not the wallpaper, there is no mess and you can move the panels around easy enough to reposition the wallpaper into the right spot! They are also easy to remove, just wet your wall or use a steamer and it will come of easy as that! Just wipe your wall down with a wet and warm cloth and your wall is clean again.

Good for humid conditions, for example bathrooms and kitchens.

General Information

Why are there so many FAQ Questions?
We know this list is full of questions and hopefully you find it helpful and it contains all of your answers. We have made this list as comprehensive as possible and will continue to add to it as new questions come up that we think will help out our customers.

There are enough scams and dodgy products on the internet, so we are trying to be a transparent as possible, so you feel at ease when it comes time to purchasing your Wall Art.

How do I install the Pasted Wallpaper?
The Pasted wallpaper comes with a numerical order on the back and an installation guide.

This wallpaper is not self-adhesive, so we recommend an adhesive glue that is called Superfresco from Bunnings that many of our customers use and are happy with. There is a helpful blog on our website, please click on the tab ''Blog'' down below the website. Or click on the tab ''Installation Guide - Pasted Wallpaper'' to view our installation.

How long will my EDGE Wall Art last?
To date on tests we have done ourselves we have removed our feature walls up to 5 years later without any problems and without any residual glue. In saying this every wall is different and we cannot guarantee how your individual wall will react. How long your Wall Art lasts is determined by a variety of factors some of which are:

1. How good your original paint work is? Has the original paint job been primed to strengthen the paints adhesion? How smooth is the wall itself? If the wall has been primed and the surface is smooth you are definitely going to have an extremely high chance at a perfect finish and an easy removal process when the time comes.

2. When was the wall painted? We recommend leaving a freshly painted wall for a minimum of 30 days to allow the paint to outgas properly.

3. What type of paint was used? We haven’t really come across any paints that don’t work with our product, but we have had the occasional minor issues with some Teflon and Wash & Wear paints.

4. Are you covering up flaky paint or a previously patched area? In our experience old flaky paint is not the ideal surface for our product and any area that has been previously patched up may also be a problem when it comes time for removal.

5. If you place your wallpaper on pebbly, textured or porous surfaces, you may get poor results.

How long is 1 Square Meter?
One square meter is one meter long and one meter wide. It’s only one meter.
What is the minimum order size?
Our minimum order size is 3 SQM and our maximum order size is 30 SQM to protect the quality of the design. If you have a larger wall than this, please contact us directly.
Are the colours seen on the screen accurate in real life?
Digital and printed colours will slightly differ from screen to screen due to saturation and brightness. If you have concerns about the colours we encourage you to order our sample pack first. Your sample pack will be on our Wall Art fabric (A5 size). Sample Packs are free of charge delivered to your door within Australia.


Can I order a sample before ordering my wallpaper?
100% in fact we encourage you to do this. If you would like a sample we provide 2 different designs (A4 sized) just click on the "Request a Sample" link above. The great part about ordering a sample is you can try our product out for yourself and test it to see how our product works with your surface. Alternatively if you would like a sample of a particular design please send us an email at info@edgewallart.com.au.


How much costs EDGE Wall Art removable wallpapers?
EDGE Wall Art charges $69 per square metre for both wallpaper fabrics, which is inclusive of GST. Our minimum order is 2 square metres. All orders over $250.00 are shipped free of charge within Australia. All the prices on the website are shown in Australian dollars (AUD). Postage varies depending on your location but is typically $35 within Australia.


What is your delivery time?
Because every order is custom designed, we need to make sure the final product we create is the same as what you had in mind. To do this we email you your chosen design to scale using the measurements that you have provided us. This allows you to visualize how the design will sit on your wall before anything is printed.

As soon as we receive approval on the design layout and payment most orders will be printed and dispatched within 3-7 business days. These time frames also apply for international orders and standard shipping rates will apply. However, due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, please expect a delay in order delivery.

How will my Wall Art arrive?
Your Wall Art will be delivered in a rectangular cardboard box approx. 1200mm x 250mm in dimension. Inside the box will be your wall panels, instructions, a Wall Art Applicator to help with the installation process. Also, we put something extra for you in the box to enjoy! For the Pasted Wallpaper, we provide you with a free adhesive in a tub so you are ready to go!
Domestic Shipping
All domestic shipping costs are $35 in Australian Dollars.
International Shipping
All international shipping costs are $150 in Australian Dollars with a minimum of 10 SQM. Quoted time frames excludes time in customs if applicable and may be subject to delay due to other causes. Also please note that the signature on delivery service is only available to certain countries, as is the tracking.

As the world is a big place full of different rules and regulations, any customs duties that may be payable are the sole responsibility of the customer purchasing. We thank you for your understanding.

Installation, Fitting and Removal

How do I install the Peel & Stick Wallpaper?
The Peel & Stick wallpaper comes with a numerical order on the back and an installation guide. This wallpaper is self-adhesive, so glues are not necessary. There are some helpful videos on our website. Click on the tab ''Installation Guide - Peel & Stick'' to view our videos.
Are there any instructions to install my Wall Art?
Yes, with every wallpaper comes a Guide Installation. These instructions are also available on our website along with a few blogs, installation videos that we recommend you watch and read first (a picture is worth a thousand words).
What else will I need to install my feature wall?
We will provide you with a Wall art applicator all you will need is to supply yourself with is a small safety step (or ladder), a straight edge (or ruler) and a Stanley knife for trimming around the print. For the Pasted Wallpaper, we also give you a full tub of our adhesive, free of charge. Yes, that's right.. free of charge!
What adhesive should be used to hang the Peel & Stick Wallpaper?
None. EDGE Wall Art is self-adhesive and therefore you do not need any glues to stick the wallpaper to your wall. Not only does this make installation easier it also makes repositioning and removal simple.
What adhesive should be used to hang the Pasted Wallpaper?
The only thing you will need is an adhesive paste. We recommend the adhesive Superfreso from Bunnings which is specially made for removing it easy with hot water or a steamer!
What sizes do you print?

Our standard size that we produce is 1000mm (1m) wide by your desired length. Wider prints are available, but it has been our experience that anything wider than this size becomes a lot more difficult to install for a first-time user.

We also offer to have your prints made in 600mm (60cm) wide panels at no extra charge if you think that 1000mm (1m) is too wide to handle.

All wall designs are generally split into even widths but sometimes this can’t be done and a smaller width piece will be used as the final panel.

All wall designs come with an additional 30mm in height and an additional 30mm on the final panel to account for walls that are not perfectly square.

How wide are the Wall panels?

Our standard size that we produce is 1000mm (1m) wide by your desired length. Wider prints are available, but it has been our experience that anything wider than this size becomes a lot more difficult to install for a first-time user.

We also offer to have your prints made in 600mm (60cm) wide panels at no extra charge if you think that 1000mm (1m) is too wide to handle.

My current wall is a bright / dark colour will this show through my feature wall?

No. EDGE Wall Art is produced on a block out polyester fabric that stops 99% of all colour from being seen through the material.

Having a block out material also helps produce less noticeable joins between the panels.

Is EDGE Wall Art suitable to place on my ceiling?

Though you can we don’t recommend this type of installation not only is it extremely hard to do but the chances of your panel coming down would be a lot higher than using a standard vertical wall.

Is EDGE Wall Art suitable to place on a kitchen or bathroom wall?
Yes. But, for our Peel & Stick Wallpaper, we only recommend installing our product in dry areas and away from excessive heat and moisture generally the best location is a warm dry room. However, we do recommend you to use our Pasted Wallpaper. Our research shows that this fabric performs well in humid conditions, for example, a kitchen or bathroom.
Can I place the wallpaper in an outdoor area?

No, we only recommend installing our product on dry indoor areas and away from excessive heat and moisture.

Can the Peel & Stick Wallpaper be removed and repositioned?
Yes, your the Peel & Stick wallpaper can be re-positioned multiple times which helps with the initial installation process. If you are looking to move your feature wall into another room this could be done but it’s not recommended due to the potential difficulty associated in doing this.

Also, the more times you reposition your Wall Art the greater the possibility of dust and dirt sticking to the print which will deteriorate the adhesive.

How is the removal process of the Peel & Stick Wallpaper?

The removal process is really easy just start from the top corner of your panel and gently pull the panel back off the wall on a diagonal angle going back and forth until you reach the ground.

Please be aware that we have no idea about the quality of paint that was under your wall art to begin with and take no responsibility for any damage that on the off chance may occur.

In our experience old flaky paint is not the ideal surface for our product and any area that has been previously patched up may also be a problem when it comes time for removal.

If I remove the wallpaper will there be any substance left on the wall?

No, the wallpapers use a light self-adhesive glue which is designed to be removed residue free.

However, if there is any glue left behind use a damp cloth to remove.

How do I look after my wallpaper?

If you need to clean your wallpaper lightly wipe down the area with a damp cloth (please avoid any scrub like sponges). Do not use any chemicals to clean the print the ink will deteriorate.

What if I make a mistake during installation?

If you make a mistake and want a new panel please do not worry, we can send you a new section of the design, but it will cost you additionally.

Feel free to contact us. Remember we are here to help if you encounter any problems.


How do I measure up my wall?

Please click on ''Measure Your Wall'' in the ''How It Works'' drop-down menu above for further instructions.

What do I do if I have a sloping wall or a wall that isn’t square or rectangle?
Please click on ''Measure Your Wall'' in the ''How It Works'' drop-down menu above for further instructions.

Guarantees, Insurance and policies

Are there any guarantees, insurance or policies that EDGE Wall Art offer?

At EDGE Wall Art we endeavour to deliver the highest quality products we can to our customers. Your chosen Wall Art will not leave our factory unless it meets our many rigorous quality checks and we are 100% happy that you are getting what you have purchased.

If a problem does occur with your Wall Art simply contact us and we will do our utmost best to rectify the problem. In order to help us solve any problems faster we ask that you send us photos of your Wall Art so we can quickly assess the situation. If our team concludes out of the photo sent by the customer, that the error occurred by installation and not the wallpaper itself, we still provide a free panel within the 30 days but will ask for delivery fees.

Please be aware that within our policies it is necessary to notify us about any difficulties regarding your Wall Art within 30 days of placing your order.

All of our orders are tailor-made and designed specifically for your wall. Therefore, we cannot accept returns after they have been printed due to customer measurement errors or a change of plan. Also please take care with the installation of your Wall Art as we are unable to reimburse you the installation charges from other companies and do not take any responsibility for installation mistakes.

If it is found that the problem lies with us, we will send a courier to retrieve your Wall Art and send you a new feature wall immediately.

Please be aware that we have no idea about the quality of paint that was under your wall art to begin with and take no responsibility for any damage that on the off chance may occur.

Third Parties

Should I book a professional to install my wallpaper?
The core business of EDGE Wall Art is to have customers install their own wallpaper. It is a great DIY project and should be a bit of fun. We provide a very detailed installation guide with the wallpapers with a very helpful DIY video on our website. We do recommend 2 people for installation this will make the entire process a lot faster and easier. If you still feel uneasy about the installation process you can always hire a professional however we take no responsibility for installation by 3rd parties.


What is the general feel and look of the fabric?

Our fabric has a beautiful flat matte feel to it. It allows our designs to print in a way that gives the wallpaper a very classy/vintage look. The best part about our wallpapers is that due to the fabric internal and external light does not bounce off the material.

Does the wallpaper smell?

Our wall fabric is a non-toxic, eco-friendly product that is perfectly suited to living environments. Our inks are virtually odourless however you may find a slight smell while unboxing, but this will disappear overtime.

What If there are bubbles in my wallpaper?

If there are bubbles in your Wall Art, this could be due to the fact that you missed a section when installing. Most of these bubbles can be pushed out with your applicator or by using a pin to prick a small hole in your Wall Art to release the air and push the section flat with your applicator.

In severe occasions you may need to pull up your Wall Art and reinstall the panel from just above the bubble or bubbles.

In our instructions we emphasis the importance of allowing your Wall Art panels to fall naturally when applying them to your wall this will also help eliminate these types of issues.

Will my wallpaper change colour, shrink or stretch?
No, your Wall Art will not shrink but it will fade progressively over time generally your print should last 3 – 5 years without fading at all but it is dependent on whether direct sunlight is a factor.
Colours variances between prints?

As our printers go through regular cleaning cycles please note that there can be slight colour changes between samples and the actual order you receive. This is also applicable if you need to order an additional panel due to a mistake in your wall measurements. Generally, there are no differences.

Can I ask for a custom-made wallpaper?

Unlike other wallpaper business we do not have a library that consists of thousands of images. Nor do we have an upload system as we think it does not fit with our vision as a company.

However, we are able to customise the colour and size of most wallpapers. Also, you can incorporate a name on most of the ‘’Kids Collection’’ wallpapers.

If you need a customised design that is not on our website please send us a email to info@edgewallart.com.au and let us see what we can do for you!


If I have any questions who can I contact about my order?

If you have any questions please email us at info@edgewallart.com.au and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Does EDGE Wall Art collaborate with social media influencers?

Yes, we do! Send us your ideas and social media footprint at info@edgewallart.com.au and we will discuss future collaborations with you.

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Can I exchange my Gift Card?
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Validity and expiry of Gift Cards
Your Gift Card will be valid for use until the Expiry Date. Any Remaining Card Value that remains on a Gift Card after the Expiry Date will not be available for use. To check the Expiry Date of your Gift Card, check the date of purchasing. Your card is valid for one year after the date of purchasing.
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Can gift cards be used in conjunction with a discount code?
Yes, gift cards are a form of payment.
Can I cancel my Gift Card?
No, you cannot cancel your Gift Card.
How do I check my balance?
Unfortunately you can't check your gift card balance, but we can check the balance and send the information to your email address.
Can a gift card be used to pay for shipping and taxes?
Yes, gift cards are applied to the final order total which includes shipping and taxes.
Can I apply a discount code to my gift card purchase?
Most discount codes cannot be applied to gift cards. The exception is a product specific discount code where the product is a gift card.


How does it work?
Split your purchase into 4 instalments. You'll pay your first instalment at the time of purchase, and the remainder every fortnight. Pay nothing extra when you pay on time With interest-free payments, the only fees are for late payments. You’ll know you’ve been approved within seconds. Orders ship as they would with any other form of payment, as quickly as you choose.