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What is Pasted Wallpaper?

Unlike Peel & Stick (woven) Wallpaper that we previously stated is more like a wall fabric. Pasted (non-woven) Wallpaper is more like paper and can be even as thick as light weight cardboard.

Pasted Wallpaper as the name suggests needs a paste applied to either the wall or to the Wallpaper itself before being hung. Pasted Wallpaper has come leaps and bounds since the days of old with quality Wallpaper now breathable allowing moisture to escape from behind the Wallpaper to help stop mould from forming.

  1. Our non-woven Wallpaper is created with high-quality cellulose fibres making it a fleece wallpaper. These fibres are smooth and tear-resistant, preventing the paper from expanding or shrinking when it comes into contact with water. Fleece Wallpaper is also washable, making it ideal for humid areas like laundries, kitchens and bathrooms. As long as a non-Teflon or Wash and Wear paint has not been used on your wall you should be good to go.
  2. Our Pasted Wallpaper is very hard wearing and has great scratch resistance. The Wallpaper can also be cleaned with soapy water and for more stubborn stains slightly stronger cleaning products can be used but it is recommended to try them on more of a hidden area of the Wallpaper first.
  3. Our Pasted Wallpaper is also great for commercial applications due to it being hard wearing and due to the fact that it has been fire rated to Australian and New Zealand standards. Being fire rated is an added bonus and peace of mind for both our commercial and domestic customers. 

With Pasted Wallpapers you need to either paste the wall or paste the Wallpaper itself before installation. With our Wallpaper you paste the wall and then apply the Wallpaper to the wall. Due to a paste being used some of our customers have found it an easier option to work with because you can slide the Wallpaper around to get it into the perfect position. All Wallpapers come with installation guides showing you the easiest way for installation. Our Pasted Wallpaper is 200GSM which puts the material on the thicker side of the Wallpaper market. Being a thicker material and due to the fact that it’s underlying structure is fleece our Wallpaper is robust and will not tear or fall apart on you during installation.


Removal of Pasted Wallpaper is more time consuming than using the Peel & Stick option. With our Pasted Wallpaper it can be removed with hot water and a sponge by heating the face of the material and then by pulling it from the wall. Any left-over paste can then be removed from the wall with a sponge and hot water. The best option for removing Pasted Wallpaper is to use a Wallpaper steamer. With the steamer the paste and Wallpaper will come off much faster, easier and in much larger sections it will also heat up the paste so that it comes off with the Wallpaper leaving you with very minimal clean-up work.

Pasted Wallpaper Prints Beautifully

When it comes to the overall look of our Pasted Wallpaper (much like the Peel and Stick option) it really does produce incredible results. Colours are rich and vibrant and the material allows for photo realistic results. The product is not as opaque as the Peel & Stick Wallpaper but will still cover underlying solid wall colours beautifully. The only time we don't recommend this product is when you are trying to cover underlying uneven paint work eg. If there is a drawing or writing on the wall this may bleed through the Wallpaper. We recommend covering this with an even coat of paint before installation.

Is Peel & Stick or Pasted Wallpaper Better?

To sum it up, if you are looking for a short-to-medium term solution to your Wallpaper needs and you know that you will change designs regularly use the Peel & Stick Wallpaper. Its quality is outstanding and the mess free installation and removal makes it a great choice. If you are in a commercial area or you want your Wallpaper to be hanging for around for years to come we recommend using the Pasted Wallpaper. 

It is very hard wearing, prints incredibly, fire rated to Australian and NZ standards and works great in all climates and conditions.