EDGE Wall Art

About Us

A boring wall sometimes cries out for a bit of colour but painting a wall is not for everybody. A simple solution is to choose EDGE Wall Art.
 EDGE Wall Art is an Australian wallpaper business that specialises in beautiful removable wallpapers for your home, commercial project or any personal space!
We offer Peel & Stick Wallpaper & Pasted Wallpaper. Peel & Stick Wallpaper that is reusable, self-adhesive, eco-friendly woven fabric that won’t stretch or tear. The fabric is completely removable without damaging 99% of walls and can literally be moved dozens of times making it a great DIY project. Our Pasted Wallpaper is known for leaving a beautiful matte finish that is easy to apply with our paste. Just simply paste the wall instead of applying paste on the panels which makes it a mess-free and easy installation. 

Also, we offer Modern & Vintage Prints that will have you smiling every time you enter the room.