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About Us

EDGE Wall Art

EDGE Wall Art is a reusable, self-adhesive, eco-friendly woven fabric that won’t stretch or tear. The fabric is completely removable without damaging 99% of walls and can literally be moved dozens of times making it a great DIY project. The fabric itself has a beautiful flat matte feel to it that allows our designs to print in a way that gives the wallpaper a very classy/vintage look. The best part about our wallpapers is that due to the fabric internal and external light does not bounce off the material leaving you with a feature wall that will have you smiling every time you enter the room.

EDGE Wall Art is an Australian business located on the Gold Coast with a passion for creativity and a desire to provide overall customer satisfaction. Though EDGE Wall Art itself is a relatively new business we have been in the Signage / Graphics Design industry for over a decade now so you can be assured we know what we are doing.

design industry

Having been in the design industry for a number of years the one thing that has never gotten old are the reactions we get when a customer’s new feature wall has been unveiled. The concept of EDGE Wall Art stems from these reactions.

It is our goal to provide high quality DIY feature walls so that everyone can get that little buzz of seeing not only their ideas but their walls come to life.