777. LUCK
777. LUCK
777. LUCK

777. LUCK


777 LUCK. Release all fear to be strong at heart. look forward to the future with excitement. When you see this number. 

Perfect for decorating your mirror, computer, windows or anything you dream of.

How to install: Firstly, clean the area where you are going to apply your Affirmation. Firmly press down the letters which are pre-stuck to a transparent film (to ensure the letters are stuck to the transparent film). Remove the blue layer and press the rest against your mirror. Lastly, after pressing the letters down against the mirror, remove the transparent layer.   

* Each letter is 1.5 cm's in height. 

Size guide


We work with the carriers DHL, TNT, UPS, TOLL and Startrack which provide us a quick method of 3 to 7 working days to deliver the print to your door. We work with a flat rate of $10 AUD per order. We offer free shipping for orders over $100 in Australia. All orders made after 3pm AEST will be processed the following day.

International shipping will be a flat rate of $100 AUD per order.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, please expect a delay in order delivery.