Wallpaper trends of the moment

The wallpaper trends of the moment.

Wallpaper is also available this season in all kinds of fun prints and materials. There are many trends to spot, of which we highlight the three largest for you.

Urban Jungle Wallpapers

There are many trends to spot but this trend is the most striking! We first saw natural elements in the urban jungle trend where we see the greenery from outside and these elements can now also be seen on your wallpaper.


Floral Wallpapers

Still a trend: floral wallpaper. And if floral wallpaper can also be tailor-made, and is thus made personal, it is completely a trend. Trends come and go, it is, but flowers in interior and fashion seem to remain for the time being. Flower patterns have never completely disappeared from interiors. Flowers are very decorative and are appreciated as such. But in addition to the decorative effect, they are also important for relaxation and a sense of well-being. They may be real flowers in a vase, or a beautiful plant, or a print of flowers on the wall: it has proven to be relaxing and stress-reducing.

Exotic Animal Wallpapers

Tigers, birds and monkeys we got it all! Animals are doing well on the wall in 2019. Not only the prints, but also the animals themselves. Now you may think "yes haha, nice for the nursery." that is correct. But why not also on a small partition in the living room? Or in the hallway. And let's not forget the toilet. Instant happiness on the wall! There is a perfect animal wallpaper for every home. A subtle bird wallpaper or the entire jungle at once?

For the truly daring among us, you can also hang the hall with the striking animal wallpaper. Go subtle with lots of white or really make a colourful statement. Upon arrival, the wallpaper immediately steals the show and you immediately have a nice conversation topic.

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